Price (shipping costs not included )

  • BioREE-A set – 6 000 roubles
  • BioREE-B set – 10 000 roubles
  • BioREE-CC set – 122 000 roubles

Payment by juridical persons is made only by bank transfer.
Individuals from abroad can purchase sets through our official distributor Individual entrepreneur Oganesyan Georgij Vladimirovich (Primary State Registration Number: 311774621300828, TIN: 772023961054):



If required, shipping is paid separately.

Full document set is provided for domestic and international shipping.

Shipping and storage conditions

Keep the BioREE-B set in the temperature range of +2 to +8°С.
Keep the BioREE-C set in the temperature range of +5 to +25°С.
BioREE-A storage time: 1 year.
BioREE-B storage time: 2 months.
BioREE-CC storage time: 1 year.
Room-temperature transportation and short-term storage are allowed.


Order form

To purchase the set contact us through the order form:


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