Glaucon Plc. is a developer and rights owner of the BioREE™ series products.
Principal direction of company work is promotion of BioREE products on domestic and international markets.

Glaucon Plc. was founded in 2010.

Main counterparties:

  • Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases
  • Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • “Supermetal” Scientific and Production Complex
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Federal Medical Biophysical Center

Implemented projects

  • Development and production of BioREE staining substances for SEM
  • Modernization and repair of microscopes and analyzers (Zeiss, Opton, X-ray analyzer).
  • Sample preparation for laboratory studies
  • Organization and holding of conferences on SEM applications in medicine, biology, and microbiology


e-mail: info@bioree.ru


Glaucon Plc.
Identification taxpayer number: 7722708109
Principal state registration number: 1107746061114
23a-k2 Avtozavodskaya st., 513 room 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 115280,



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