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Lanthanoid staining

for scanning electron microscopy of biological samples

Products and services

BioREE Ln-staining kit

The kit contains the following:

  1. Rinsing solution, 1 vial (10 ml)
  2. Contrast agent solution, 1 vial (2 ml)
  3. Final rinsing solution, 1 vial (10 ml)
  4. Application instructions (in Russian; other languages are available by request)

For now, the kit is mostly sold and delivered to local customers. Orders from outside Russia are managed individually. For order and/or more details, please, fill in the contact form.

Laboratory services

(conducted at the Laboratory of Fundamental Research, Research Institute of Eye Diseases, Moscow)

Name Duration (h)
1 Low-vacuum SEM (EP,VP) with image acquisition 4,5
2 Snap freezing prior to low-vacuum SEM (EP,VP), 1 sample -
3 REE-staining prior to low-vacuum SEM (EP,VP), 1 sample -
4 High-vacuum SEM (HV) with image acquisition 4,5
5 Sample preparation for high-vacuum SEM (HV) (does not include sputter coating and supercritical fluid extraction), 1 sample -
6 Supercritical fluid extraction, 1 sample -
7 Carbon coating for high-vacuum SEM (HV), 1 sample -
8 Gold/ palladium/ copper coating for high-vacuum SEM (HV), 1 sample -
9 Writing paragraphs for the Material and Methods section of a scientific article 2
10 Light microscopy and digital imaging of histological sections 4,5
11 Preparation of H&E stained histological sections -