Breathing new life into your high-energySEM

Lanthanoid staining

for scanning electron microscopy of biological samples


Download application instructions for “BioREE” biological sample staining kit in preparation for scanning electron microscopy examination

Download protocol for visualisation of stained samples by scanning electron microscope (ESEM|EP)

Download protocol for lanthanoid staining of biological samples for further examination by scanning electron microscope (ESEM|EP)

With Ln-staining, the sample preparation protocol becomes extremely simple:


  1. first rinse;
  2. staining itself (physiological conditions are desirable);
  3. final rinse (to remove any of the remaining contrast) make the sample ready for SEM observation in a low vacuum mode!

To undergo high vacuum SEM, your Ln-stained sample has to be carbon coated first. For that, let it dry at room conditions for two hours after the staining procedure or place it under the vacuum of your microscope for just a few seconds.